Equipment and room reservations for lectures, presentations, and meetings.

VReservation allows users to reserve or make available equipment or space for lectures, presentations, meetings, or conferences easily through the web, converting the room and equipment reservation process into a paperless system. At the University of Houston, it has reduced wait times for some equipment from 3 weeks to 1 day and provides a convenient way to make reservations, keep real-time records of all transactions, and coordinate delivery.


  • Easy to use paperless system
  • Contains information such as photos, dimensions, manuals, and institutional regulations regarding the equipment space being reserved
  • Centralized information management system provides up-to-date information on inventory
  • Users can check availability of rooms and equipment and make reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Reservations are password protected
  • Users receive automatic email confirmation of their reservations
  • Includes Admin capabilities for adding and removing equipment and accepting and declining reservations
  • Allows for automatic recurring reservations
  • Can generate customized reports