About Us

Created in 1997 with a vision to empower educational institutions to expand their outreach, increase their resources and ignite educational advances by interconnecting educators from around the globe, VNet is a web software platform designed by academic institutions to fit their complex administrative and academic needs in an affordable way. Due to the overwhelming success of the initial implementation at the University of Houston in 2001, VNet World Corp. (VWC) was established to commercialize VNet so that other academic institutions on limited budgets could benefit from it's tecnology. Today, VWC designs solutions for universities, medical organizations, businesses, and government. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, VWC is led by a highly skilled and dedicated management team committed to improving the access and quality of education worldwide. 

Product Overview

VNet is a web platform with a number of applications developed through the request of numerous Universities, Businesses, Medical and Government Organizations  to fill the needs of students, faculty and staff community. The applications range from automated streaming of lectures online to paperless reservations systems and high security web based file management system.